Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rocket Ship and Moon Cake

I have been busy. 

Not too busy to bake, but too busy to come up with creative things to make and write up a post.  

Finally, though, I'm done with sports for the school year, so I won't be coming home from school at 7:00 pm any longer, I think. 

Yesterday, I made this birthday cake for my funny five-year-old brother, Aideng. He was happy with it. 

It was a vanilla layer cake with vanilla buttercream. My brother prefers vanilla just like I do!

To make the round moon, I baked one 8" layer, one 6" layer, and 2 thin layers in a pan I have that is in between those two sizes. I sacked them and frosted them, and the cake looked like an almost perfect orb. I covered this with grey fondant, and used a ball tool I had to make small craters.

For the rocket, I frosted 3 cupcakes together and refrigerated this until firm. Then I cut the cake into a cone shape, covered it with fondant, added red decals, and then added another layer of blue fondant. Next I just added wings and a yellow circle with the number 5. 

To finish the cake off, I made a little astronaut holding a flag made out of paper and a toothpick.