Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Marshmallow Fondant

       Next Friday is my favorite little brother's 4th birthday.  Of course I'm going to make him a super special birthday cake. This was him last year (Isn't that priceless?).  Now I'm going to make him a confetti cake with strawberry icing and an Umizoomi theme. You know what that is?  Its one of the most annoying shows ever, but it is educational. Well, the first step is to make the fondant.  Now, I don't really like fondant, but since this is my brother I'm making it for, it has to happen.
       Marshmallow fondant takes care of most of the taste issue with regular fondant. It's also a lot cheaper than buying fondant. I don't tend to eat it, since it's too sweet for me (it's pretty much pure sugar after all) but my friends think it's good. It's really easy to work with, and it doesn't get sticky or shiny.  To color it, you just knead in food coloring and you can also flavor it by kneading in extracts. To flavor it, I diffused some extract in the water that I kneaded into the dough. You can also make chocolate fondant by kneading in 4 oz of melted chocolate.  Now that sounds delicious.
     Also, it stores for a long time (a couple of months when refrigerated) so you can make it ahead and focus on the cake.
       There are a few different methods for making this recipe.  If you don't have a stand mixer (like me) then it may get a bit messy.  
       First, melt the butter. Either with the double boiler method (shown below) or in the microwave.

Add some of the marshmallows. (As much as your bowl can hold.)

Stir, stir, stir until smooth. (Meanwhile, keep adding marshmallows.)
Resist the urge to dump in a box of rice krispies and call it a day.

       If using the microwave, just keep adding marshmallows and stir at thirty second intervals.

       Here's the fun part.
       If you have a stand mixer: Pour half the sugar in the bowl , then the marshmallow mixture, and then the rest of the sugar.  Mix on the lowest setting and add water a half of a teaspoon at a time if it gets too dry (don't use too much.) Mix just until a dough forms. Move to next step.
       If you're kneading by hand: pour half of the sugar on top of the marshmallow mixture.  Generously dust a counter top or board with confectioners sugar.  Pour the marshmallow mixture in the middle and lightly knead until it forms something like a dough.  Move on to next step.

      Keep adding sugar until all two pounds are in there.  If the dough starts to tear, add a bit of water, but not too much or it'll be too sticky and less stable.  Knead until the dough is firm and smooth.

When to add water.
       When done kneading, seal in a ziplock bag, squeezing all the air out.  (Or wrap in plastic wrap.)  Let sit 12-24 hours at room temperature before using.  Keeps in refrigerator for about a month.

And you're done! Use the fondant to cover cakes and make cute decorations.

Marshmallow Fondant

makes about 3 lbs, enough to cover and decorate a two tier cake
modified from Bakingdom


20 oz mini marshmallows
1/2 cup of butter
2 lbs confectioners sugar
a bit of water


  1. Melt the butter in the microwave or a double boiler (a bowl set over a pot of simmering water).
  2. Add some of the marshmallows.  If using a microwave, microwave at thirty-second intervals, stirring in between until smooth and lump-free.  If using the double boiler, stir constantly until smooth.
  3. Keep adding marshmallows until all are melted and smooth.
  4. If using a stand mixer:  place half the sugar in the bottom, then the marshmallow mixture, and then the rest of the sugar.  Mix on lowest speed until a dough forms. Add water by the 1/2 tsp if it becomes too dry. Move to step 6.
  5. If kneading by hand: generously dust a surface (counter-top) with confectioners sugar.  Pour half of the sugar on top of the marshmallow mixture, then pour it onto the counter.  Knead gently until a dough forms.
  6. On a surface dusted with confectioners sugar, knead the dough while gradually adding the rest of the sugar. If it begins to tear, add a bit of water. Be careful not to add too much water.  
  7. When the dough is smooth and all the sugar is added, place it in a ziplock bag and squeeze all the air out or wrap in plastic wrap.  Keep it at room temperature for 12-24 hours before using. You can refrigerate it for over a month, just leave it out at room temperature for a few hours before using so it softens. 
  8. Make decorations.  To color it, add food coloring (I use wilton icing colors) and knead until homogeneous. To flavor it, do the same with extracts.  You can also add 4oz of melted chocolate and knead it in to make chocolate fondant.  

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